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    Logistel has the technical and pedagogical skills necessary to perform diagnostic training needs and preparing and implementing training plans tailored to the specific needs of each client , undertaking the design of new initiatives is annexed training or other adjusting to these specific needs.

    As part of the training offered by Logistel, the Maritime and Port Area, deserve particular mention the following courses:

    • Boom or Signalman
    • Guincheiro??
    • Guindasteiro??
    • Port equipment operator/shunter
    • Gantries operator Pier and Gantry Park
    • Liebherr crane operator and Gottwald
    • Lecturer Maritime
    • Supervisor Port Operations
    • Mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic
    • Transport of dangerous substances via?? marítim
    • Port Terminals Management
    • Management and Planning Port
    • Maritime and Port Facility Security
    • Operators and Supervisors VTS
    • Labour Legislation
    • Environmental Law/Environmental Impact Assessment/Environmental auditors
    • Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work/First Aid