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    Logistel offers the Psychology Service in particular in the transport sector, the Road areas, Railway, Maritime and Port, secured by a Psychologists team, members of the OPP - the Portuguese Psychologists, high experience and expertise through equipment, software and specialized and validated psychometric tests.

    It stands out in the context of the psychological evaluation, the following purposes:

    • Recruitment and selection of staff;
    • Professional capacity check;
    • Obtaining and renewing the driving license for heavy vehicles drivers of goods;
    • Obtaining and renewing the driving license for heavy passenger car drivers;
    • Collection and revalidation of driving license for moped riders , motorcycles , quads and light vehicles when requested by Doctor conducting the medical assessment;
    • Obtaining and renewing the Certificate Driver's Collective Transport Children (CTC);
    • Endorsement of Group nº2 on driving licenses for the exercise of driving ambulances, fire vehicles, transport of patients, school transportation, public transportation children and light rental car passengers;
    • Obtaining and renewing the Automotive Driving Instructor License;
    • Obtaining and renewing the Examiner of Motor Driving License;
    • Obtaining and renewing the license for driving road vehicles for dangerous goods (ADR);
    • Verification of the psychological capacity to be allocated to the various functions and professions, and their periodic checks in the areas Rail, Maritime and Port.