Welcome to Logistel, SA

It is with the greatest satisfaction that, on the behalf of the Board of Directors, I present you to the company, to our lines of action, our solutions for logistics, transport, communications, environment, tourism, spatial planning, urban planning, urban and regional development, as well as the products and services that we offer to our customers.
Logistel was founded in Portugal in a context of major structural organizational, technological and management transformations. Established in 2002, by the initiative of a Group of Personalities of recognized prestige and know how in the area and by the following Business Entities: Grupo Barraqueiro, the largest Private Group of Transports in Portugal; Taag – Linhas Aéreas de Angola, the largest Angolan air carrier; Grupo Ensinus and the ISG - Instituto Superior de Gestão, (Higher Institute of Management), an excellency University Institution in Portugal.

Logistel is proud of its shareholders, of its past, of the people who build it and their know-how and therefore heavily invests into the future.
Logistel will continue to gather its innovative and creative spirit to the talent and commitment of its employees to successfully meet the challenges of the future.

Ally with us.
The future begins today.




    • To study and develop logistics, transport and communications solutions;
    • To develop architectural, engineering and environment studies and designs;
    • To control and monitor construction work projects;
    • To develop studies and projects in the fields of regional planning, urban planning, urban and regional development;
    • To train individuals and teams, particularly in the areas of logistics, transport and communications;
    • To disseminate good practices of management, innovation and internationalization of companies and other organizations, especially related to logistics, transport and communications.

  • Vision

    • LOGISTEL intends to increasingly position itself as a company of great national and international reference in the design and implementation of the best logistics, transport and communications solutions, in the markets where we operate, thus contributing to the modernization and to the competitiveness of enterprises and other organizations, especially related to logistics, transport, communications, tourism, spatial planning, urban planning, urban and regional development.

  • Our Markets

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    Organization Chart

    Certifications, Accreditations and Awards


    Logistel is certified as a Transnational Training Entity by DGERT – General-Directorate for Employment and Labour Relations in Portugal, on the following teaching and training areas:

    Logistel is accredited as a Training Entity in road and railway areas by IMT - Institute for Mobility and Transport, IP, the Sector Regulator in Portugal;

    Logistel is accredited as a Training Entity by IPTM - Institute for Ports and Maritime Transport, IP;

    Logistel is accredited as a Training Entity and for the realization of psychological examinations by INCFA – Angola’s National Institute of Railways;

    Logistel is accredited as a Trainer Entity for Port Facility Security Officers by DGRM – General-Directorate of Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services in Portugal;

    Logistel is certified as Trainer authority to carry out training in the field of Health and Safety at Work by the ACT - Authority for Working Conditions of Portugal;

    All courses offered by Logistel, SA conferring legal and regulatory certification, in Portugal, as well in Angola, are approved by the competent authorities.


    Logistel was awarded, for the 6th consecutive year, with the Status of Leader Company by Portugal’s Ministry of Economy, through IAPMEI - Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.

    Logistel, SA was distinguished by the 5th consecutive year, with the status of "Excellence Company". It is a business qualification status created by the Ministry of Economy, through IAPMEI - Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, in partnership with Portuguese Tourism Institute and seven of the largest Banks operating in Portugal: Banco BPI, Banco Popular, Barclays, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Crédito Agrícola, Millenium BCP, Montepio, Novo Banco and Santander Totta.