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Products / Services

    • Macrologistics and micrologistics studies and solutions;
    • Studies and implementation of logistics infrastructure;
    • Transport market studies, including general inquiries to mobility;
    • Traffic studies. Demand modeling and traffic impacts;
    • Architectural, engineering, urban planning, logistics infrastructure, transport and communications studies and designs;
    • Development Master Plans;
    • Coastlines plans;
    • Integrated circulation, signaling, parking and interfaces planning;
    • Supervision and quality control of logistics, transport and communications infrastructure construction;
    • Design and planning of networks and transport systems;
    • Design and negotiation of public service contracts;
    • Circulation and parking planning;
    • Pricing policies and financing of transport;
    • Public Information and Marketing of public transport;
    • Regional development studies and planning;
    • Design, development and implementation of strategic information plans;
    • Design and implementation of communication systems, including communication networking design and definition of their hardware and software;
    • Technical and scientific support for certification processes of products and/or services;
    • Economic and social studies;
    • Dissemination of good management practices in logistics, transport and communications;
    • Consulting and training to the development of people and teams;
    • Studies of technical and economic viability and Roadways Master Plans;
    • Studies of technical and economic viability and Railways Master Plans;
    • Engineering Projects - Roadways;
    • Engineering Projects - Railways;
    • Supervision of works and technical-technological control - Roadways;
    • Supervision of works and technical-technological control - Railways;
    • Use of water resources;
    • Environmental studies;
    • Urban and infrastructure planning.

  • team member thumg

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